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Ever wanted to learn how to be a Turntablelist or maybe mix a few tunes....... Let me give you a few tips.   


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Denon DJ takes its innovative world’s first spinning active platter design to the next technical level. Introducing the industry’s new flagship DN-S3500 tabletop CD/MP3 player with a powerful 12-pole Direct Drive motor, 7 on-board effects, intuitive control, appealing design and style that will surely reinvent the tabletop market for all vinyl and digital DJs alike.         

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Watzup!!!  For Your'll that don't know who Deon Chetty is.....


Deon started his Dj career at the age of 13. His passion for the art of DJ'ing was obvious, as he used to take my homework to a nearby club in Newlands West just to watch their resident Dj practice. 

Deon's big break came in unusual fashion. He was at a function when the DJ fell ill. Deon was asked to fill in whilst a replacement was found and that's where it all started.

From that point on, even though still very young, Deon rubbed shoulders with some of the hottest DJ's in the business, and found himself being taken around and introduced to the different aspects of "Nite life as a DJ", which Deon very proudly admits... was good clean fun and partying.


When he was 17, he was given the opportunity to work at Airport 3, a very popular nite club at the time on a full time basis. 

During that 1 year period, all he did was practice practice and practice.  A moot he still lives by and one that say's only made him a stronger and more confident DJ.

Dj Deon became a household name and that only added to Deon's passion and drive to pursue his career and to become the best at what he does in South Africa .

But Deon's road to success wasn't an easy one and he openly admits that the problems were many, but says those hardships were what made him the person he is today.

In 98/99, Deon participated in the North and South Coast Dj Championships which he won two years in a row and to this date remains.....UNDEFEATED....


From that point on Deon was recognized and employed at popular Nite Clubs throughout Durban

In the year 1999/2000, Deon was employed at a community radio station called Radio Phoenix as a midnight on air presenter. 

Management recognized his talent and promoted up the order so to speak, and it wasn't before long that Deon found himself presenting prime time slots like Breakfast, Lunch, Drive and many other slots on Radio Phoenix.

Deon was also employed at the station for his technical ability.

During his time at Radio Phoenix, Deon recorded numerous demo tapes and sent them to commercial stations, but was always turned down... still, his never-give-up attitude kicked in and never allowed him to throw in the proverbial towel ...

When Radio Phoenix closed down, Deon continued to work at various nite clubs until two years ago....



Lotus FM's Station Manager Shanil Singh approached Deon to do voice-overs at the much acclaimed national radio station. 

Whilst doing this, Deon's inquisitive nature helped him learn more and more about the world of radio, and got him involved in technical aspect of this exciting aspect of media.

Again, Deon's talent did not go un-noticed. He's in his two years at Lotus Fm hosted various show  like De ja vu, Breakfast, Saturday Night in DA Mix.


Deon is currently co-hosting the D&A Show every Saturday and Sunday morning between 10-1pm with the most gorgeous co-host Abby.

Deon says that Lotus Fm has been a stepping stone for him because that's were the opportunity for him to tour nationally stemmed from.Playing for crowds from 4000 to 40 000 people and in his words "Oh Boy!!!What a feelin",  he could not hold himself back from venturing overseas. And he was a big hit at various clubs in Mauritius and Namibia .


Deon's  style of Dj'ing is brings a new dimension to this modern art.

He is a Pro Turntablist(his scratching host of tricks on the Turntables are out of this world). 

Deon is quoted as saying... "I don't just play music, I let the music talk..."

Deon says that most of his skills are skills that he picked up from his DJ'ing Icon "Ready D"

So what else can you do except watch out for Deon Chetty at a Club near you... he brings a new meaning to the words "crowd pleaser".  



Compiled by

Nashantha Padayachi




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