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  3 February 2006 Krakatoa, Durban

You know, Krakatoa is definitely on a league of its own when it comes to looks, sound and comfort. I hade a great time spinning some tunes that night (for about 3 hours).  The crowd really got down but very late though. Comedian Hubulis Tracee, had the guests in stitches with his very funny jokes.  It was great seeing some Radio Personalities party really hard. There were the likes of Rakesh, Althuf, Nischal and Remix King, Dizzy D. I’m sure; everybody had a great time that dancing to all different genres of music.  Big up to everybody that came down to the Summer Bhangra that night.  Mershan Ramaloo Productions has promised another one really soon……..



  4 February 6, 2006 – Natural Groove, Johannesburg


This party rocked from beginning to end.  At first my butterflies really worried me, seeing people walking by the dozens very early in the night so I knew that there’s going to be a bumper crowd.  My thoughts were absolutely right.  Joburg Life has done it again at this very different venue which had there bhangra party for the very first time. This Club is well known for massive Rave and House Parties.  I can proudly say that I was the first DJ in the country to play on a set of brand spanking new Denon 3500 CD Players.  Thanks to DJ Rene for building up the crowd for me and making me feel at home.  The set up was perfect for me. The DJ box in the centre of the Club and the Thousands of people dancing and screaming all around me was an unforgettable experience.  The tricks (Scratching with my nose, elbow, some back flips and my mixing) that I performed that night had Johannesburg screaming for more. more...more……..So in conclusion, all I can say is that you guys rock and Joburg Life has another ROCKING PARTY just like this one, coming very soon so watch this space….See you again in Jozzi’s on 11th of Feb.  This time for a Private Party……..PEACE………



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