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Ever wanted to learn how to be a Turntablelist or maybe mix a few tunes....... Let me give you a few tips.   

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Denon DJ takes its innovative world’s first spinning active platter design to the next technical level. Introducing the industry’s new flagship DN-S3500 tabletop CD/MP3 player with a powerful 12-pole Direct Drive motor, 7 on-board effects, intuitive control, appealing design and style that will surely reinvent the tabletop market for all vinyl and digital DJs alike. 

  • High Torque Direct Drive Motor

  • 45 or 33 R.P.M. Speed 

  •  7 On-board Effects:
    (Echo, Echo/Loop, Filter, Flanger, Brake, Dump, & Reverse)

  • 15 Sec. On-board Sampler w/ Sampler Copy Feature!

  • Deep Pitch Resolution of .02/.05%

  • Full MP3 Playback CBR/VBR up to 320kbps

  • Next Track Reserve With Crossfade

  • Quick Loading Slot In Drive 




Denon's flagship 4-channel mixer sets the standard for Club, Mobile and Battle DJs with powerful, innovative features that allow both flexibility and creativity.


  • Matrix input

  • Preset function saves settings

  • 45mm Penny & Giles Fader

  • Huge headroom. No distortion

  • Sampler

  • Internal digital effects

  • Cross Fader/Channel Fader Start

  • USB port, World's First







Long recognized by the World's DJs as the best club-use turntable, the famous SL-1200 series is without a rival. The turntable uses our original integral roto-platter Direct Drive motor for smooth, non-stop performance and unwavering quartz DD accuracy. This gives DJs the ability to spin records with quick starts, stops, and scratches, for the ultimate mixing experience.






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