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Well, I proudly say that I'm the first Indian DJ to do International Gigs.   Last year has been a very bumpy road for me.  Running between my Radio Show on Lotus Fm and playing at various locations around South Africa .  My big break was when I was invited to play Bhangra at a Club in Namibia .  Namibia is a very large country with very few Indians (8 families).  The balance of the people are from the Coloured, Black, Chinese and White origin.  So you can imagine the stress I felt.  Luckily, I was accompanied by five of Durban 's most beautiful Indian girls (models) to showcase Indian garments. 



On the night of the gig, I turned Namibia around cause they've never heard a Bollywood song in there life and by the end of the night, they kept asking for more.  That's when the owner of the Club realized the potential I have and asked me to stay an extra week to play Hip Hop, House and Bhangra at different hang outs.  This was an unforgettable experience for me.....


Thereafter, it was over the sea for me...My next stop was Mauritius .  This time, I was all alone for a week, besides having Soha Ali Khan as my neighbour at the Hotel I was living in, she was also a guest at the club I played at....Anyway; I had no knowledge of the music that people listen to in Mauritius , so I carried very versatile records and CD's.  I played at a club called SAXO on that Friday night.  With my scratching and turntablist tricks that I performed, the crowd was very pleased and they crowned me as a DJ celebrity in that area.  Saturday night, I was invited to mix on Top FM (a very popular radio station in Mauritius ) for the entire population.  I promise you, everybody loved my set.  I played a lot of our local music and Dizzy D Remixes.  The listeners kept asking for more according to the on air DJ. So my one hour set  went into the third hour.  The next day, I was treated like a Superstar DJ.......


This year, my aim is to continue with my international gigs....So watch this space...


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